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Bringing together building knowledge 4560
Providing research, testing and information for the building and construction industry 
BRANZ Shop 4997
Books, bulletins, seminars, study reports, downloads, details and more... 
Build magazine 214
New Zealand's premier building industry information resource offering impartial expert advice both online and as a hard copy magazine. 
Maintaining my home 1980
Practical advice on how to maintain different parts of your home, and on related issues. 
Maintenance schedules 4
Create a maintenance schedule for a new house, print a copy for the owners, and save a copy for your own files. 
Level 449
The authority on designing and building sustainable homes 
Renovate 319
The technical resource for industry on the renovation of houses from different eras 
Weathertight 98
Building basics for making homes weathertight 
Tools 38
Explore our range of interactive tools and resources 
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BRANZ - House Building Guide 3rd edition
This guide contains practical guidelines for good timber-framed house building, with hundreds of diagrams, easy to follow tables for quick reference and bullet points for easy reading. Informative illustrations show how all the elements fit together. This publication includes all the new NZS 3604 and E2/AS1...
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BUILDER'S MATE ISSUE 47 | April 2011 FREE TO ALL BUILDERS In si de : Win! A Galaxy Leveller 10 Extension Ladder INDUSTRY NEWS New standard In February, Standards New Zealand published NZS 3604:2011 Timber- framed buildings. You need to buy the new document as it has been completely revised. You will also need to keep your...
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