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Bringing together building knowledge 
BRANZ.co.nz 4993
Providing research, testing and information for the building and construction industry 
BRANZ Shop 5508
Books, bulletins, seminars, study reports, downloads, details and more... 
Build magazine 7991
New Zealand's premier building industry information resource offering impartial expert advice both online and as a hard copy magazine. 
Maintaining my home 2096
Practical advice on how to maintain different parts of your home, and on related issues. 
Maintenance schedules 195
Create a maintenance schedule for a new house, print a copy for the owners, and save a copy for your own files. 
Level 450
The authority on designing and building sustainable homes 
Renovate 320
The technical resource for industry on the renovation of houses from different eras 
Weathertight 98
Building basics for making homes weathertight 
Tools 38
Explore our range of interactive tools and resources 
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BRANZ Appraisals Technical Assessments of products for building and construction BRANZ Limited Private Bag 50 908 Porirua City New Zealand Tel: +64 4 237 1170 Fax: +64 4 237 1171 www.branz.co.nz Readers are advised to check the validity of this Appraisal by referring to the Valid Appraisals listing on the BRANZ website, or by contacting BRANZ. BRANZ APPRAISAL No. 771...
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Product 1.1 Hilti Nails are used for constructing timber joints in accordance with NZS 3604. 1.2 The Hilti Nails are 90 x 3.10 mm bright steel and hot-dipped galvanised nails. Scope 2.1 The Hilti Nails have been appraised for use as alternative fixings meeting the requirements of NZS 3604, Table 2.2 for...
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Product 1.1 The KMEW Ceradir(TM) Cavity Cladding System is a cavity-based extruded fibre-reinforced cement panel wall cladding. KMEW Ceradir(TM) panels are 14 mm thick and available in a range of surface profile patterns and prefinished acrylic paint colours. KMEW Ceradir(TM) panels are rebated to form hidden laps and are fixed over...
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Product 1.1 This Appraisal relates to Austral Bricks Q Block(TM) Wall Systems, which are fired clay bricks bonded together with thin-bed mortar 1 mm thick, to form non-loadbearing, internal walls. Scope 2.1 The product has been appraised for use in the forming of non-loadbearing single leaf internal walls and non-loadbearing infill...
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Product 1.1 SOLITEX EXTASANA is a fire retardant, synthetic wall sarking for use under masonry veneer and other direct fixed and cavity-based wall claddings on timber and steel framed buildings. The product consists of a non-porous water resistant film laminated between two layers of non woven spun- bonded polypropylene, and is coloured...
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Product 1.1 The Kirin Insulated Panel System is for use as single skin external wall facades and roofs. The system incorporates Kirin panels, which are sandwich panels fabricated by injecting polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam between coil-coated steel or stainless steel faces. 1.2 The Kirin panels come in thicknesses ranging from 50 to...
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Product 1.1 The Kirin Insulated Panel System is for use as internal partitions and ceilings. The system incorporates Kirin Insulated Panels, which are sandwich panels fabricated by injecting polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam between coil-coated steel or stainless steel faces. 1.2 The Kirin Insulated Panels come in thicknesses ranging from 50 to 200...
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Product 1.1 EXPOL Underfloor Insulation is an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam board for use as thermal insulation for timber framed floors. The insulation is pre-cut to fit a range of floor joist spacings. Scope 2.1 EXPOL Underfloor Insulation has been appraised as a thermal insulation material for timber framed floors in new and...
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Product 1.1 FiberTite Roofing Systems are fully bonded, ketone ethylene ester (KEE) based waterproofing membranes for roofs. Scope 2.1 FiberTite Roofing Systems have been appraised as roof waterproofing membranes on buildings within the following scope: ! with building structures designed and constructed to meet the requirements of the BCA; and, ! with...
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Product 1.1 Thermakraft Covertek 407 Roof Underlay is a synthetic building underlay (sarking) for use under roof claddings. The product consists of a micro-porous water resistant film laminated to two layers of non-woven spun-bonded polyolefin. Scope 2.1 Thermakraft Covertek 407 Roof Underlay has been appraised for use as a self-supporting roof underlay...