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Practical advice on how to maintain different parts of your home, and on related issues. 
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Build 134 -- February/March 2013 -- 59 Dunedin's earthquake prone buildings Lessons from Canterbury FEATURE SECTION UNREINFORCED MASONRY (URM) build- ings constitute a large portion of New Zealand's building stock and are widely acknowledged as the most earthquake- prone class of buildings. Their poor seismic performance during the Canterbury earth- quakes highlights the danger they...
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62 -- Build 134 -- February/March 2013 Lessons from CanterburyFEATURE SECTION Fire protection THE CANTERBURY earthquakes provided a rare opportunity to investigate the actual performance of fire protection systems in the earthquake events. A collaborative research project involving the University of Canterbury, the Fire Protection Association of New Zealand (FPANZ) and BRANZ has some...
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64 -- Build 134 -- February/March 2013 Lessons from CanterburyFEATURE SECTION Where's the action in Canterbury? REBUILDING WORK is now finally under way across the board in Christchurch, over two and a half years after the September 2010 magnitude 7.1 earthquake in Darfield. The initial repair work was mainly in the...
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68 -- Build 134 -- February/March 2013 Lessons from CanterburyFEATURE SECTION Let the sun shine on Christchurch THE DRAFT CENTRAL CITY PLAN produced by the Christchurch City Council in response to the earthquakes includes an outline of urban form features such as building height limits, facade step-backs, lanes and courtyards....
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Build 134 -- February/March 2013 -- 73 Opportunity to upgrade THE UPGRADE OF THE FIRST Build Back Smarter home has seen a substantial improvement in thermal performance - an improvement that the homeowners report they would be willing to pay for. Build Back Smarter delivers Build Back Smarter is a 10-home project to...
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76 -- Build 134 -- February/March 2013 Departments/Compliance By Stephen Underwood, Consultant National Online Consenting, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment THE MINISTRY of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) is collaborating with Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) and the private sector to develop GeoBuild, a set of standards for consumers, the construc- tion sector...
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88 -- Build 134 -- February/March 2013 Departments/Legal By Karen Shaw, Associate, Harkness Henry, Hamilton PROPERTY OWNERS WHO engage labour- only builders may take on responsibility as head contractors. This means that they could be held responsible to subsequent property owners for any defects at a property. On the other hand, builders who perform...
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90 -- Build 134 -- February/March 2013 Departments/Business matters By Pauline Sutton, Freelance Writer, Wellington THERE ARE CERTAIN THINGS that must be in an invoice and others that aren't a legal requirement but are recommended. In this article we don't consider payment claims under the Construction Contract Act. Legal requirements IRD has slightly different rules...
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92 -- Build 134 -- February/March 2013 Departments/Building history By Nigel Isaacs, Senior Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington JULIUS VOGEL, IN HIS VISIONARY 1889 book Anno Domini 2000; or, Woman's Destiny, was clear how houses would be heated in the future - 'the use of coal and gas having long since been abandoned...
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Rigid wall underlay installation.Figure 1 24 -- Build 135 -- April/May 2013 Rigid wall underlays WHEN RIGID WALL UNDERLAYS ARE REQUIRED BY ACCEPTABLE SOLUTION E2/AS1 AMENDMENT 5, THEY MUST BE USED WITH, NOT INSTEAD OF, A FLEXIBLE WALL UNDERLAY. BUILD RIGHT RIGID WALL UNDERLAYS AND E2/AS1 AIR BARRIERS FIRST came into prominence in the third...