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Providing research, testing and information for the building and construction industry 
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New Zealand's premier building industry information resource offering impartial expert advice both online and as a hard copy magazine. 
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Practical advice on how to maintain different parts of your home, and on related issues. 
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Create a maintenance schedule for a new house, print a copy for the owners, and save a copy for your own files. 
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The authority on designing and building sustainable homes 
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The technical resource for industry on the renovation of houses from different eras 
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Building basics for making homes weathertight 
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32 BUILD 130 June/July 2012 CHANGING HOUSING DEMAND COVENANTS AFFECTING AFFORDABILITy Although there is demand for affordable housing, it's getting harder to find a site to build a modest home. In christchuch, for example, restrictions by developers on house size are leaving some red zone residents unable to afford replacement...
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34 BUILD 130 June/July 2012 CHANGING HOUSING DEMAND ARE NEW HOmEOWNERS GETTING SATISFACTION? A BRANZ survey offers builders valuable insight into how homeowners select their builder and how happy they are with the end result. It's found a few areas that could be improved. By Matt Curtis, BRANZ Economist Table 1:...
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BUILD 130 June/July 2012 37 CHANGING HOUSING DEMAND HOUSING - THEN AND NOW Since World War II, the face of New Zealand housing has changed. Some of the key points are shown in this look back to the 50s. By Ian Page, BRANZ Manager Economics t he 1950s marked the beginning of a...
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50 BUILD 130 June/July 2012 MATERIALS AND SPECIFICATIONS SHARPENING CORROSION BOUNDARIES A map showing the corrosivity of the atmosphere in different locations is essential for the specification and selection of materials. Currently, New Zealand has two corrosion maps with different boundaries, but with BRANZ's help, that may change. By Zhengwei...
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52 BUILD 130 June/July 2012 MATERIALS AND SPECIFICATIONS EXPOSURE SITE UPGRADE BRANZ recently upgraded its 40-year-old materials exposure site and digitalised its test records. Not only has this made the invaluable information easier to use, it's helping improve understanding of how materials respond to our climate. By Brendan White, BRANZ...
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54 BUILD 130 June/July 2012 MATERIALS AND SPECIFICATIONS MODERN TAKE ON AN OLD FAVOURITE Used in its modern context, fibrous plaster can provide distinctive appeal to interiors by framing a space and adding crisp, sharp detail. By Pauline Sutton, Biggins Interior Solutions, Wellington A few examples of negative detail mouldings....
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56 BUILD 130 June/July 2012 MATERIALS AND SPECIFICATIONS WRITING A GOOD SPECIFICATION A specification document is a key element in any construction project, yet writing a good one is not as simple as you might think. By Nick Helm, Freelance Writer, TenPoint Ltd, Wellington S ome builders lament the demise of the...
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60 BUILD 130 June/July 2012 LEGAL Be clear about the contract Builders should consider the consequences of arguing about the existence and terms of a construction contract. As a recent case shows, it can be a costly experience. By Karen Shaw, Associate, Harkness Henry, Hamilton C an a party challenge an...
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86 BUILD 130 June/July 2012 BUILDING HISTORY BUILDING HISTORY Training for building The apprenticeship system has been part of New Zealand's building industry since the middle of the 19th century, boosting the labour supply in boom times and training our future tradespeople. By Nigel Isaacs, BRANZ Principal Scientist...
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16 BUILD 131 August/September 2012 BUILD RIGHT TO STRAP OR NOT TO STRAP? The BRANZ Helpline regularly receives enquiries about when strapping must be used to tie the timber framing together. These tips should point you in the right direction. By Alide Elkink, Freelance Technical Writer, Wellington N ZS 3604:2011 Table...