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New Zealand's premier building industry information resource offering impartial expert advice both online and as a hard copy magazine. 
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Practical advice on how to maintain different parts of your home, and on related issues. 
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Create a maintenance schedule for a new house, print a copy for the owners, and save a copy for your own files. 
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From www.buildmagazine.org.nz – PDF, 981.7 K
BUILD 129 April/May 2012 17 PENETRATIONS IN FIRE- RATED PLASTERBOARD Building services often pass through gypsum plasterboard-lined walls or floor/ceiling assemblies. Current poor practices in the design and construction of these are reducing the fire safety of some buildings. By Hans Gerlich, Technical Manager Building Systems, Winstone Wallboards Limited BUILD RIGHT I n...
From www.buildmagazine.org.nz – PDF, 980.1 K
BUILD 129 April/May 2012 27 N ZS 3604:2011 introduced an extra high wind zone based on a maximum site wind speed of 55 m/s, while NZS 4211:2008 introduced an extreme wind zone based on a maximum wind speed of 60 m/s. Interim solution A set of test pressures has been...
From www.buildmagazine.org.nz – PDF, 555.2 K
38 BUILD 129 April/May 2012 HOMES CAN MEASURE UP There's plenty of evidence to show that substandard housing can have a negative affect on health. Using a housing quality assessment tool, like the Healthy Housing Index, can change this, informing people's housing choices and influencing policy. By Michael Keall,...
From www.buildmagazine.org.nz – PDF, 354.1 K
30 BUILD 129 April/May 2012 BUILDINGS AND HEALTH SURVEYING HOUSING'S EFFECT ON HEALTH The condition of rental houses is typically worse than owner-occupied dwellings, but does that make them less healthy to live in? BRANZ looked at two sets of research programme outcomes to find out. By Malcolm Cunningham,...
From www.buildmagazine.org.nz – PDF, 419.6 K
36 BUILD 129 April/May 2012 BUILDINGS AND HEALTH BUILDER BEWARE: HAZARDS OF WORKING OUTSIDE There can be a shortfall between what is required on site and what is provided. Yet construction workers who are well equipped to cope with noise and the environment they work in are not...
From www.buildmagazine.org.nz – PDF, 147.0 K
40 BUILD 129 April/May 2012 BUILDINGS AND HEALTH LIVING IN THE COMFORT ZONE While there isn't much we can do to change the weather, better heating choices can help achieve a warmer drier home. By Associate Professor Robyn Phipps and Mikael Boulic, School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Massey...
From www.buildmagazine.org.nz – PDF, 70.8 K
48 BUILD 129 April/May 2012 LICENSED BUILDING PRACTITIONERS ARE THERE ENOUGH? Following a lean period, demand for construction industry labour will ramp up significantly in the next 24 months. This begs the question - will there be sufficient qualified licensed building practitioners? By Ian Page, BRANZ Manager Economics T he workloads...
From www.buildmagazine.org.nz – PDF, 93.5 K
50 BUILD 129 April/May 2012 LICENSED BUILDING PRACTITIONERS SKILLS MAINTENANCE Becoming a licensed building practitioner adds a further responsibility - licence holders must keep up their skills and knowledge through continuous professional development. S kills maintenance points must be acquired and submitted to the Registrar at least every 2 years. The...
From www.buildmagazine.org.nz – PDF, 424.5 K
16 BUILD 130 June/July 2012 BUILD RIGHT DRAINED CAvITY WINDOW INSTALLATION Recent changes to E2/AS1 have slightly altered the construction requirements for window installation in drained cavity construction. What do designers, builders and window installers need to know? By Alide Elkink, Freelance Technical Writer, Wellington Amendment 5 in 2011 to Acceptable...
From www.buildmagazine.org.nz – PDF, 362.1 K
30 BUILD 130 June/July 2012 CHANGING HOUSING DEMAND GOODByE URBAN SPRAWL, HELLO APARTmENTS the quarter-acre section has always been part of the Kiwi dream, but the endless suburbs encircling our towns and cities are often a blight, not a blessing. As petrol prices rise along with land prices, it's...