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New Zealand's premier building industry information resource offering impartial expert advice both online and as a hard copy magazine. 
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Practical advice on how to maintain different parts of your home, and on related issues. 
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Create a maintenance schedule for a new house, print a copy for the owners, and save a copy for your own files. 
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From www.buildmagazine.org.nz – PDF, 1.4 MB
48 BUILD 123 April/May 2011 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE ON THE GROUND IN CHRISTCHURCH The 6.3 magnitude earthquake that struck Christchurch on 22 February 2011 and the many aftershocks have been an enormous test of the performance of buildings. BRANZ structural engineers provide some initial thoughts on how houses performed. By Graeme Beattie,...
From www.buildmagazine.org.nz – PDF, 51.7 K
62 BUILD 123 April/May 2011 LEGAL When is a vehicle a building? Two trailer homes and a legal definition send a building dispute through three tiers of the New Zealand legal system and offer a warning to anyone contemplating building without consent. By Karen Shaw, Associate, Harkness Henry, Hamilton I n Thames-Coromandel...
From www.buildmagazine.org.nz – PDF, 160.0 K
64 BUILD 123 April/May 2011 BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Developing a basic business plan A business plan doesn't have to be fancy to be effective. Developing one is worth the effort and will help you stay on track to profitable growth. By Fred Stewart, www.businessdoctors.co.nz S ome business owners struggle to organise themselves and...
From www.buildmagazine.org.nz – PDF, 580.4 K
68 BUILD 123 April/May 2011 Chris Beer reckons building is a good career Christchurch-based builder Chris Beer believes the keys to running a successful building company are people, communication and commitment to quality. By Alistair Mackenzie, Freelance Writer, Christchurch S ince forming his Christchurch-based company, CBeer Construction, in 2002, Chris Beer...
From www.buildmagazine.org.nz – PDF, 73.6 K
BUILD 123 April/May 2011 69 RESEARCH Foam insulation BRANZ has suspended further investigation into the performance of Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation (UFFI) after the DBH clarified that installation of these products requires a building consent. B RANZ and EECA started researching the effects of retrofitting Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation into...
From www.buildmagazine.org.nz – PDF, 341.6 K
72 BUILD 123 April/May 2011 Nelson building a world first in timber The Nelson Marborough Institute of Technology's new Arts and Media building is attracting a lot of interest from the building community for its sustainable approach to timber design. By Nick Helm, Build Deputy Editor S tudents enrolling at Nelson...
From www.buildmagazine.org.nz – PDF, 833.6 K
76 BUILD 123 April/May 2011 BRANZ REFURBISHMENT Innovative post-tensioned Expan timber building The refurbishment of BRANZ's research site includes construction of the Nikau building, the only major new building in the refurbishment. By Malcolm McGechie, Aurecon, Wellington B RANZ's new Nikau building is constructed using large-span laminated veneer lumber (LVL) portal frames...
From www.buildmagazine.org.nz – PDF, 387.4 K
86 BUILD 123 April/May 2011 BUILDING HISTORY BUILDING HISTORY From ice to refrigerators The need to preserve fish, meat, fruit and vegetables led to the development of thermal insulation for shipping and storing natural ice, which ultimately formed the basis of the thermal insulation for buildings today. By Nigel Isaacs,...
From www.buildmagazine.org.nz – PDF, 48.1 K
BUILD 124 June/July 2011 61 MAINTENANCE MAINTENANCE TOOL ON HORIZON A new BRANZ project is developing a web-based tool so designers and builders can easily give homeowners a project-specific record of the materials and finishes used and their maintenance over the life of the building. By Trevor Pringle, ANZIA, BRANZ Principal...
From www.buildmagazine.org.nz – PDF, 274.6 K
16 BUILD 129 April/May 2012 BUILD RIGHT CONSTRUCTING A BRACED PILE Braced piles use a diagonal timber brace connected to two adjacent piles to provide resistance to lateral loads. The piles are installed deeper than ordinary piles and are constructed as a pair, as shown below. From BRANZ House Building...