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BRANZ Study Report
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BRANZ Study Report STUDY REPORT SR 340 (2015) Revisiting concrete ground floor slabs R.H. Shelton The work reported here was jointly funded by BRANZ from the Building Research Levy, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and the companies whose logos are shown above. (C) BRANZ...
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CllSfB Date: December 1996 THE RESOURCE CENTRE FOR BUILDING EXCEUENCE REPRINT Performance of Coatings on Weathered Timber by A.F. Bennett From: Surface Coatings Australia, Vo1.33 No.8, August 1996 The research on which this paper is based was funded by the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology from the Public Good...
Title of Paper in IPENZ_Paper_Title
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Title of Paper in IPENZ_Paper_Title Cl/SfB Date: July 2002 CONFERENCE PAPER No. 99 (2002) An Initial Investigation into New Zealand?s Residential Hot Water Energy Usage A.R. Pollard, A.A. Stoecklein, M.T. Camilleri, L.J....
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BRANZ Indoor Air Quality in New Zealand Homes and Schools A literature review of healthy homes and schools with emphasis on the issues pertinent to New Zealand. ii Indoor Air Quality in New Zealand Homes and Schools Authors Phoebe Taptiklis, MPH, and Professor Robyn Phipps Project lead Dr Manfred Plagmann Design and layout Koast...
From – PDF, 195.2 K Retrofitting external wall thermal insulation - a building consent is required Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004 defines work that can be undertaken without the need to obtain a building consent. However, all such work must comply with the relevant performance requirements of the Building Code....
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From – PDF, 181.1 K ALF 3.1 no longer available BRANZ has withdrawn the ALF 3.1 online thermal calculation tool from our website because the tool was based on outdated calculations for the building performance index (BPI) and for the schedule and calculation methods for NZS 4218. All thermal design...
BRANZ Facts: Harnessing rainwater and greywater #6: What is holding back rainwater and greywater sys
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BRANZ Facts: Harnessing rainwater and greywater #6: What is holding back rainwater and greywater systems in New Zealand? April 2018 | Harvesting Rainwater and Greywater #6 1 BRANZ FACTS What is holding back rainwater and greywater systems in New Zealand? For a country where droughts are a regular weather feature...
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Study Report
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Study Report STUDY REPORT No. 163 (2007) Maximum wall bracing rating that is compatible with NZS 3604 Construction Phase II - Testing of Room 1 SJ Thurston The work reported here was...